How to remove from your PC – Virus Guide

How to remove from your PC

What is BitCro Search?

BitCro Search is a browser hijacker. BitCro Search comes as bundled with some of the other free software, and it got installed on your PC. 

Once this BitCro Search browser hijacker got installed, it will change your browser’s settings and set itself as the default homepage and search engine on your web browser.

 Once BitCro Search hijacker gets control of your browser settings, it can redirect you to some sponsored sites, which creates many inconveniences for you. Sometimes you will end up downloading some of the malware/infected softwares from those sites, which can steal your personal information and other critical data from your system.


How to detect BitCro Search and common symptoms

Once the BitCro Search hijacker is installed, it will slow down your system, and you will notice many changes in the system behaviour.

  1. Browser’s home page will change to BitCro Search.
  2. It will redirect your search pages to some other/unknown sites
  3. So many unnecessary popups will keep appearing on the system.
  4. Sometimes, you will see, some of the emails are being sent or getting triggered automatically from your mailbox.

How do Bitcro search hijackers spread?

Most of the system viruses or hijackers get into your system while installing so many unknown or free softwares. Sometimes an advanced system setting can help detect if any malware is present in the software that you are going to install. The best rule is, To make your system safe, you should never install any software that you don’t trust. 

You can follow those rules to avoid those kinds of threats.

  1. You should have an advanced system and web browser settings
  2. Never download or install any freeware or shareware.
  3. Try to avoid or never visit websites, which you don’t trust.

Do I need to delete BitCro Search?

The answer is yes. 

Once BitCro Search hijacker is installed in your system, it will set itself as your homepage and the new tabs. The web-browsers, whether Mozilla or chrome or IE, will be out of your search control. They will automatically redirect you to some of the sponsored sites. 

Here the primary intention is to get more traffic on some of those sponsored sites, and ultimately the site earnings will be more, as the number of traffics increased by this unethical technique. 

Sometimes, those of the sponsored sites will try to install some malicious softwares on your system without your notice and finally will Steele your confidential data from your system. Hence once you notice the BitCro Search hijacker, you should delete them immediately from your system.

How to remove BitCro Search redirect (Best steps to follow):

Follow those tricks To remove the BitCro Search redirect, and it has helped many resolve this problem.

  • Use Zemana AntiMalware  to remove BitCro Search redirect
  • Malwarebytes: to Scan and clean your computer.
  • HitmanPro: Use this to double-check if still, BitCro Search is available in your system.
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