5 Best Cheap VoIP Services, 2022 (mobilevoip cheap VoIP calls)

Best Cheap VoIP Services

Want to jump straight into my top picks when it comes to a cheap VoIP service? Try this  Grasshopper

If you’re an owner of a small business, you may need a cheap VoIP service or a free VoIP provider suitable for you and your workforce. Various low-cost VoIP offers excellent phone calls, SMS, video conferencing, and much more. I have listed down the top reliable and cheap VoIP providers in the marketplace.

Best 5 Cheap VoIP Providers?

Grasshopper: Best Cheap VoIP Service, with reliable service
8×8: Cheap VoIP Service for limited use
Phone.com: Lowest per-extension cost Cheap VoIP Service
Google Voice: Best Cheap VoIP Service for solopreneurs
RingCentral: Cheap VoIP Service for bigger teams

Why do small business owners prefer to use a Cheap VoIP Service? 

One of the greatest advantages of VoIP is that It’s more affordable to make calls than to utilize a traditional landline phone system if you choose the right one from the available cheap VoIP services. VoIP offers must-have tools for internal and external business communications and collaborations.

Best Ranked Cheap VoIP Services With Features

Cheap VoIP Services Of 2022

#1. Grasshopper: Best Cheap VoIP Service, with Many features:

Grasshopper is the top choice when it comes to cheap VoIP service providers. The user interface of Grasshopper is modern and simple to use and navigate. Calling feature is included in every Grasshopper plan, which means you can select the suitable plan for your number of users instead of upgrading to gain access to certain features.

A cheap VoIP phone service turns your phone into an office phone. It doesn’t require any hardware to do this! Grasshopper gives unlimited calls and voicemails, as well as an auto-attendant included.

Grasshopper is the perfect cheap VoIP phone system designed for entrepreneurs and small-business owners. It has a range of unique features that enhance business communication. It provides desktop and mobile applications that let employees remain connected throughout the day regardless of their place.

Grasshopper provides a professional number that can be used on current cell phones and landlines.

Grasshopper provides the most affordable plans, and it offers the lowest cost per extension.

 Main Features of Grasshopper:

  • Receive and make calls using both desktop and mobile app
  • call management and Call handling features are very easy
  • Have an easy Call Recording feature.
  • Have the capability of Voicemail Transcription
  • It offers a comprehensive overview of your business interactions across multiple channels.
  • Simultaneous handling of calls
  • It converts voice messages into text so that you can read the messages without hearing them.
  • Having a Modern user interface (UI)
  • Easy to install
  • It lets you record professional messages that greet your customers.
  • Its Call forwarding feature is excellent.
  • Having an Automated Attendant.
  • It enables you to send a fax as an attachment in PDF format from your email.

 Grasshopper Pricing:

The company offers three pricing plans that are described below. The more expensive the plan, the more features are included.

  • Solo Plan: $26 per month to have one number, and up to three extensions
  • Partner Plan: $44 per month for three numbers, as well as up to 6 extensions
  • Small Business plan: $80 per month for five numbers and unlimited extension

VoIP Service (Grasshopper) Is Ideal For: Small and Medium Enterprises

Free Trial Period:  For7 days

#2. 8×8: Best Cheap VoIP Service for limited use

8×8 is a VoIP phone system that gives you all-in-one cloud solutions for video calling, voice calling, messaging and call center solutions. It is among the most reliable business VoIP phone services that support calling from more than 47 countries. The platform provides cloud-based solutions to various sectors, such as Education, Retail, Transportation, Manufacturing, Legal, High Tech, Government, Healthcare and many more.

And, we must note that 8×8 gives an unbeatable trial of one month of its business-oriented phone service. If you’re unsure about 8×8, you may test it at no cost.

For the record, 8×8 isn’t the most affordable VoIP phone service available, but it’s close. And it provides more features than similar-priced competitors.

8×8 is the only VoIP service provider providing unlimited calls for many countries. Additionally, subscribers can make SMS calls, conduct conference calls, access call logs and more.

Main Features of 8×8:

  • It allows HD video conferencing, with screen sharing over the internet.
  • High-quality functionality and reliability
  • Security and privacy that is enterprise-grade
  • Integration with a variety of applications
  • Unlimited calls to up to 48 locations around the world
  • Easy to configure and manage
  • Easily expandable for growing companies
  • The recording and routing feature is excellent.
  • Make unlimited international calls to either 14 or 48 destinations with X series plans.
  • This app is a step up in Speech and Interaction Analytics.
  • Host HD video-based meetings that can accommodate 500 or more participants and end-to-end encryption.
  • You can change between chat and video or voice meetings with a single click.

 8X8 pricing:

The company offers three pricing plans that are described below. The more expensive the plan, the more features you get.

  • Express 15 dollars per user, per month, for unlimited video, voice and SMS texting within Canada and the U.S, an auto-attendant feature, music-on-hold along with intelligent call routing
  • X2:  $ 24 per user per month, for unlimited calls to 14 countries with 30 days of media storage and unlimited internet fax and call activity analysis
  • X4:  $44 per user per month, for unlimited calls in 48 nations, unlimited media storage over 130 days as well as supervisor analytics

 VoIP Service (8X8) Is Ideal For: Small and Medium Enterprises.

Free Trial Period:  For30 days

#3. Phone.com: Best Cheap VoIP Service with Lowest per-extension cost

Phone.com ranks 3rd among the best cheap VoIP providers. It’s a new and top VoIP provider with a wide variety of new features and various low-cost pricing plans.

Phone.com offers a range of competitive features of advanced and general features. Users can enjoy intelligent routing, high-definition (HD) voice calls, music on hold, global calls, video conferencing, automated attendants, and customer relationship management (CRM) connections.

If your business doesn’t make frequent phone calls (less than 300 minutes per month), Phone.com offers all the extensions you require for one price, flat and affordable. 

The platform primarily focuses on the business communication needs of startups and small-to-medium-sized businesses. It gives customized numbers to the customers. It also allows users to block calls by adding the number to their account.

Furthermore, Phone.com is a cutting-edge VoIP service and work-from-anywhere solution designed to meet the needs of the current dynamic and flexible business and startups and international businesses.

Main Features of Phone.com:

  • It permits you to route the call based on the date and time when a call is made.
  • Unlimited and metered plans. A la carte add-ons
  • Phone.com assists you in creating and organizing your extensions and groups.
  • Video conferencing. Facility for deep call analysis.
  • You will be notified each time you receive calls.
  • Options for CRM integration. Easy Management of accounts.
  • Send and receive text messages on any number in the local area.
  • Call recording, screening and transfer of calls
  • You can connect your address book to the Phone application.
  • Breakout rooms Bring more engagement into your video-conferencing sessions.
  • Toll-free, local, global or customized (vanity) numbers–Phone.com offers all of it.
  • It lets you personalize your calls with greetings, messages, voice and even music.
  • You can create a caller ID that is unique to you.

Phone.com Pricing:

Phone.com has three available pricing plans, as shown below. The higher the price, the more features are included.

  • Basic users: $10.39 per user per month for 300 minutes of pooled minutes. One thousand text messages and 10 video conferencing attendees, and mobile and web-based apps.
  • Plus Users $15.99 per user per month, to use unlimited texts and hours of talk time, as well as 25 attendees of video conferences, as well as video recording
  • Pro Users: $23.99 for each monthly user, CRM integrations, Call analysis, and 100 attendees of video conferences, transcription recording, and whiteboards.

VoIP Service (Phone.com) Is Ideal For: Small and Medium Enterprises.

Free Trial Period:  For30 days

#4. Google Voice: Best Cheap VoIP Service for solopreneurs:

Google Voice is great for small-scale businesses and entrepreneurs that require a corporate contact number. This way, you can set up separate lines for business-related inquiries without using your personal phone number.

If you’re looking for VoIP for just yourself, You can’t beat the cost of Google Voice’s free plan. It offers a free personal plan, which gives the user a number and telephone line for one person. If you’re the only one who takes calls, then that’s all you’ll need. 

Google Voice supports various Polycom desk phones, allowing users to make and receive calls via the internet with their current equipment. 

Main Features of Google Voice:

  • Connect Google Voice to your favourite Google Workspace apps to streamline your workflow and eliminate redundant tasks.
  • call management is very easy
  • Familiar user interface
  • Multi-level auto-attendant Help callers use simple menus that are easy to navigate.
  • Easy Call Recording facility.
  • Desk phone assistance
  • Google Voice auto-transcribes your voicemails. It also allows you to secure them with a personal identity number (PIN) to ensure your privacy.

Google Voice Pricing:

  • Starter: $10 per user per month, which includes up to 10 people with unlimited calling.
  • Standard: $20 per user per month, with unlimited users. A multi-level automatic-attendant, rings groups, desk telephone assistance etc.
  • Premier: 30 dollars per user per month for advanced analytics and reports.

VoIP Service (Google Voice) Is Ideal For:  Small-scale businesses and entrepreneurs.

Free Trial Period: Have a free option for personal use.

#5. RingCentral: Best Cheap VoIP Service for bigger teams:

RingCentral can be described as an application that provides cloud-based communication and collaboration solutions to businesses. It allows you to better serve your customers with all-in-one video conferences, cloud phones and team messaging, among others.

The cheapest VoIP plan offered by RingCentral provides unlimited calls and texting, and group messaging. When upgrading to the premium plan, you’ll get numerous features, including analytics, hot-desking integrations, massive video meetings, as well as tools for call centers like barge and whisper, to mention just a few. That’s almost all your team needs.

Furthermore, it is easy to install, configure and use and can be controlled remotely. The software increases efficiency by bringing all the remote workers together. Its security features and reliable data centres guarantee security for users and a higher level of uptime.

The cloud VoIP phone system allows you to send messages and make calls on any device.

Furthermore, RingCentral allows businesses to pick local phone numbers from more than 200 available areas and create an office in the area of interest.

The main features of RingCentral :

  • It offers the facility of forwarding calls.
  • This tool provides HD quality video as well as the web-based conference.
  • Real-time and powerful analytics
  • You are allowed to host up to 100 people at an online gathering.
  • Through its cloud-based phone system, you can select to use the service available on your smartphone, computer and even your tablet.
  • It lets you upload and share files online.
  • This application provides responsive client assistance.
  • You can hold video-call meetings as well as webinars.
  • Seven security layers. Redundant data centres
  • A dedicated technical account administrator
  • Operation seamless across mobile and office devices
  • It allows you to make your workforce more VoIP that is mobile-ready.

RingCentral Pricing:

  • Essentials: $19.99 per user per month, including up to 20 people.
  • Standard: $24.99 per user per month, with unlimited users. 
  • Premium: $34.99 per user per month for advanced analytics and reports.
  • Ultimate: $49.99 per user per month, with all advanced features. Multi-level automatic-attendant, rings groups, desk telephone assistance etc.

VoIP Service (RingCentral) Is Ideal For: Small, Medium and Large Enterprises.

Free Trial Period: For 14 days

(FAQ) Cheap VoIP Services.

How to choose the best cheap VoIP service ?

  • Analyze the Pricing and Plans: You Most review if this VoIP service fits your budget. 
  • Cheap VoIP with Quality voice and video calling: When choosing the best VoIP providers, call quality and uptime are two of the most important factors to consider. 
  • Support for multiple countries and International calling: Per minute international rates should be lower than their competitors.
  • Cheapest VoIP with excellent and reliable service: Does this service include all the VoIP features I wan
  • Cheap VoIP with better customer support: Does the provider offer 24/7 customer support?
  • Users/extensions support: Go for the Cheapest VoIP that supports more users/extensions.
  • Cheapest VoIP with additional features: automated call attendant, call blocking, call forwarding and Media sharing, etc.
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