12 Free VPS Trial No Credit Card Required for 30 Days (2022)

Free VPS Trial Windows And Linux

Looking for a Free VPS Trial, no credit card?
This blog will describe the details of VPS and how to select the best Free VPS Trial for you.

Want to jump straight into my top picks when it comes to a free VPS trial, no credit card? Try this  Kamatera

Virtual Private Servers(VPS) provide you with an excellent hosting solution and give you more control than shared hosting. You can even pick a VPS just for $3.5/month, and the performance will be a lot better compared to shared hosting.

Top 5 Free VPS Trial, no credit card required:

Kamatera: 30 days free VPS trial. Cloud VPS hosting. Best For Window and Linux
CloudWays: Free VPS Trial, No Credit Card Needed. Managed Cloud Hosting.
Linode: 7 Days of Free VPS Trial. Cloud hosting.
Interserver: Cloud VPS hosting, Free VPS trial for 30 Days
Google Cloud: VPS, 60 Days Free VPS Trial

 Windows VPS trial or a Linux VPS trial, who is the best?

We will discuss both in this post, whether it’s a Windows VPS trial or a Linux VPS trial. This post will assist you in deciding on the top VPS hosting provider and providers offering free VPS trials for 30 days and free VPS trials for 60 days without a credit card.

So, to get your hands on the top cloud VPS trials, you can try this without a second thought.

VPS Type

Trial Perioud



30 Days

Try Here


14 Days

Try Here


60 Days

Try Here

Top VPS Hosting Free Trial (Updated 2022)

Free VPS Server Hosting Trial with 30 days to 60 days

#1. Kamatera, 30 days free VPS hosting trial.

Kamatera is among the most renowned cloud hosting service providers. They provide a variety of cloud hosting options that cater to customers of any size.

If you’re among people who wish to pick every aspect of a server, such as a processor type, memory size, SSD space, then you’ll be in love with it.

It is possible to set up servers with them in less than one minute, and the process of deploying a server is effortless. The data center they have, are around the world, and you can select the location of your server according to your preferences.

Intel Xeon Platinum has powered 13 data centers worldwide with 2.7GHz cloak time that can be increased to 100 cores.

Kamatera offers a 30-days of free VPS trial for any new customer. Their post-trial prices are pretty affordable. Their cloud server renewal starts at only 4$/month.

They have a robust data recovery capability to defend against DDoS, SQL injection, brute force, and many other online security threats for securing servers and data.

On the customization front, RAM size can be extended up to 524GB, and SSD storage capacity up to 4000GB. This means you can anticipate super-fast speed, incredible performance, and total freedom.

You must fill in your credit card information to enable your free test of Kamatera cloud. Your credit card won’t get debited during the trial. Not happy with their hosting service, you can cancel the trial at any time.

Daily backup is available. These backups allow us to maintain higher uptime as well as data security.

In the meantime, if you need assistance with any issue, If you need help, it is available by phone call, via chat, or email from their expert support staff.

Why You Should Choose Kamatera:

  • 30-Day Free Trial to test the service
  • Simple migration to alternative architecture
  • Human Support 24×7, highly responsive via Email and Phone
  • Simple DNS server planning
  • All SSDs have UNLIMITED traffic
  • Global data center deployments
  • Pay-as-you-go Payment Model. Starting at $4/m
  • Disaster recovery feature.
  • Cloud security

 Click Here to Activate Kamatera 30 Days Free VPS Trial

#2. CloudWays Free VPS Trial, No Credit Card Needed

Cloudways is a well-known managed cloud hosting platform that allows you to host your site on cloud-based servers.

You can test CloudWays free of charge. No Credit Card is needed. 14 days free trial. If you’re not tech-savvy and want to install the application such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento etc., with just a single click, then cloudWays is the best choice.

At present, Cloudways provides hosting on Amazon web services as well as on the Digital Ocean server. Pricing starts at $5, and you can expand the server to meet the requirements of your business.

When you need to increase your resources, You can increase the size of RAM as well as bandwidth, storage, and capacity in one click, without impacting the previous settings.

Cloudways utilizes the power of multiple clustered servers to distribute the load on your website. Cloudways offers a variety of pay-as-you-go and monthly packages that charge users for the time you’ve spent using.

It’s as easy to install WordPress via the cPanel. In the same way, you can also manage your site the same way as you’ve previously.

Additionally, the Cloudways expert team take the server’s performance into consideration 24×7 and will make the necessary updates to security and performance.

You can communicate with their support team whenever you need to find an assistant.

Why choose Cloudways?

  • Very simple to setup Just one click to set up
  • Excellent uptime.
  • 70+ data centers around the world equipped with SSD storage
  • 25GB of SSD disk space and 1TB bandwidth are provided as standard
  • The tiniest pack contains one processor and 1GB of memory
  • Built-in Cloudways CDN. Cloudways provides no-cost migration, and it takes just 30 minutes.
  • Several flexible account tiers. Lower prices than rivals.
  • Pay-as you-go Plans (don’t require you to buy an annual subscription. Just a small amount will suffice to get started)
  • Transfer of sites for free. The company offers free SSL certification.
  • Live Chat 24/7/365 and ticketing support with a prompt response.
  • Try the service free before signing up.
  • You will notice a significant growth in speed on the WordPress website.
  • It supports multiple WordPress installations and more PHP applications.

Click Here to Activate CloudWays 14 Days Free VPS Trial

#3. Digital Ocean Free Trial

DigitalOcean(DO), an American cloud infrastructure provider with its headquarters within New York City and has data centres around the world.

Digital Ocean is a self-owned hosting infrastructure firm. Recently it has seen a surge in recognition among novices.

DigitalOcean provides cloud-based services to developers to develop and deploy applications that can run simultaneously across multiple computers.

After Cloudways, a vast amount of novice web admins move into cloud hosting using DO.

Not just for beginners. DO offers an entire web hosting solution that can be used for any high-end projects like mobile applications and video streaming gaming development, cloud VPN, and startup.

In January of 2018, DigitalOcean was the third-largest hosting company globally in terms of web-facing computers.

DO plans are flexible. You can pick a CPU plan or memory or storage wise plan depending on the requirements of your project.

Why should you choose Digital Ocean?

  • Digital Ocean offers you 99.99 percent uptime, making it highly reliable
  • Backups every day and good security
  • Create Your Own Firewall Rules
  • Lightning-Fast Load Times 268 ms
  • 14 Data Centers
  • Cloudways gives you a free transfer and takes less than 30 minutes.
  • Customizable Pricing
  • Pay only for the time you use You don’t have to pay for hours you don’t use]
  • Review the usage of CPU, RAM Bandwidth, Storage Disk I/O details
  • Easy Signup: You can sign up via your email address, Google Account, or GitHub.
  • A great community with 24/7 assistance

#4. Linode, 7 Days of Free VPS Trial

Linode is another leading VPS hosting service that gives a free VPS trial of seven days. You need a credit card to sign-up with them. Additionally, once you have signed up, you are provided with a 7-day money-back assurance.

Linode can compete with other top hosting companies.

The servers run on AMD EPYC processors of the 7000 series, allowing everything to be smooth in the cloud.

They also offer Linux Virtual Servers hosted on their cloud. Linode operates 9 data centers located in the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

Gaming, streaming sites, and video rendering, and AI, as well as for any complex processes, Linode is equipped with NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 within their fleet.

They provide block storage and bare-metal Kubernetes to meet industrial needs, as well as a variety of 1-click applications like WordPress, Discourse, Minecraft Game Server, and many more at only $5. 

Who are new to the cloud and are looking to take their very first steps into the cloud, Linode is the right platform.

Additionally, you’ll be able to get assistance from their skilled team, who can provide solutions via phone 24/7/365.

Most of the time, the most significant issue people are facing with Cloud-based servers is the cost. With this service, you can enjoy regular pricing, which is beneficial since you don’t have to worry about the pricing.

If you don’t want to have any kind of stress regarding hosting, allow Linode to manage all of your server’s operations.

You concentrate on your primary work instead of having to look into technical problems.

 Why should you choose Linode?

  • 7-day trial for free that Linode provides to try out their platform.
  • Free Migration
  • Linode’s cloud hosting plan with the lowest price costs 5.00 monthly.
  • Free DNS Manager
  • Two-Factor Authentication enhances security for your Linode Manager
  • Rescue Mode lets you help you recover from the consequences of critical errors
  • Managed Hosting Service
  • Growing your Linode to cope with increased traffic can be done in just a few clicks
  • Free DDoS and Cloud Firewall
  • 9 Datacenters spread across three distinct regions
  • Utilize Your Smartphone to Manage Your Web Hosting
  • Support via phone and email, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

#5. UpCloud, Free Trial

The next is Upcloud. You’ll receive the free trial for three days which should allow you time to learn more about their server and their efficiency. 

Pricing is Pay-as-you-go with affordable prices. And you don’t have to sign a long-term contract.

Upcloud is the most suitable alternative to all the above because they provide MaxIOPS storage, a new generation storage technology that is more efficient than the standard SSD.

This Cloud server is home to the 11 Data Centers around the globe.

Processing speed is super fast; you can deploy your server in 45 seconds. It’s because of the latest AMD Processor and MaxIOPS.

A production-grade environment comes with 24/7 support for customers! They’ve eliminated risk by constructing their server using an N+1 philosophy that runs through all of their infrastructures.

However, you must be a technical geek since they’re not available as 1-click applications.

They require using a credit card to determine if the new account is fraudulent, and they deduct $1, which they later refund.

Not the last; they offer an easy and quick server deployment in two to three minutes to begin your journey.

For added security, you can install an extremely configurable firewall as well as two-factor authentication with just a few clicks. You can also save your website property.

It is possible to give a trial to a high-end server that is exceptionally hardware-rich for a three-day test.

Why should you choose Upcloud?

  • 11 Data Centres at the Major Places of the Globe
  • Pay as you go Payment Model (starts at $5)
  • Get better performance by installing the most recent security updates
  • Private Networking around the world to avoid any downtime.
  • Choose Windows and Linux to be your choice of the operating system.
  • It offers a variety of options for virtualization, also makes use of the cloud.
  • 2Months of the free transition period

#6. Vultr Free Trial

Vultr VPS Free Trial [$5 Free Credit]

Vultr is a hosting service that offers the highest-performance SSD cloud servers. Vultr is also aiming to provide the most efficient and reliable service to its customers.

They can meet industry-level hosting needs as well as smaller blogs’ needs, and prices start at $2.5/m.

Vultr makes use of SSD for storage. They have 17 locations across the globe that have fully equipped backups, DDoS, and 7G Firewall support.

This hosting service is among my most popular because it’s easier to navigate, and the hosting plans are more straightforward. 

For the tech-savvy, there are many options to select software such as Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora to create high-performance servers at your discretion. They also can control the bare metal, allowing them to optimize the performance.

Vultr promises top performance and effortless deployment. It is also an excellent service that offers worth the high cost.

Most likely, beginners can install well-known CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, Magneto and Litespeed, and NGINX servers in just a few clicks. It is possible to live your blog in a matter of seconds and gain access to cloud performance.

There are many high-end features included with VPS hosting plans. The typical time to the provision is around 55 minutes and the minimum time to the provision is 30 seconds. 

Vultr provides an advanced control panel with single sign-on team management, CPU utilization disk operations, automated server health reports, and MFA.

Why Choose Vultr?

  • $100 Free Credit for 30 Days
  • “Pay as you go” Model of payment that uses a real-time billing system.
  • offers additional services, such as storage of objects as well as floating IP addresses and DDoS security
  • Numerous preinstalled applications like WordPress, Joomla ready to deploy with a click
  • Redundancy and higher scalability
  • Multiple VPS without spending the entire month, particularly if you do not need these after a few months.
  • 17 Server Locations deployed worldwide
  • Excellent backup services
  • Actual time billing information, be on the lookout for usage charges.
  • No Credit Card is required.

#7. Interserver Cloud VPS Trial $0.01 For 30 Days

Interserver is a fifteen-year-long web hosting company, which is famous for its low-cost hosting services. You can avail of a 30 day long VPS trial for only $0.01/Slice.

WordPress is easy to install on this hosting service, which includes unlimited traffic and a few emails. They boast of a money-back assurance that is truly an excellent thing to have.

Interserver is a 16-slice VPS. The 16-slice VPS will cost just 16 Cent for 30 days. After a trial time, you can adjust the slices according to your requirements.

Interserver is a safe infrastructure that guarantees 99.9 100% availability in addition to 100% electricity uptime.

The most significant benefit of Interserver is that you can renew your server at an affordable cost of just $6 per month per slice. They’re among the most cost-effective options for a VPS server with unlimited bandwidth.

Telephone, Email, and Live Chat Team members are available all year round. Therefore, you can reach them anytime, and they will be sure to assist you in resolving your issue.

A few of the options Interserver offers in its VPS plans include:

  • Long VPS trial of 30 days
  • Rapid Provisioning Get your VPS solution quickly and get it running within a matter of minutes.
  • The Phone, Email, and Live Chat team members are available 24/7 throughout the year.
  • 99.95% Uptime Warranty Interserver guarantees of delivering you 99.95 excellent uptime.
  • You can easily manage your Cpanel and then install the features you require.
  • It is possible to install and customize any software and enhance your hosting experiences according to your needs.

#8. Google Cloud VPS, 60 Days Free Trial

Google has unveiled its cloud platform to users of all ages. You can try this Google cloud system for a trial period of 60 days worth $300. It’s Google’s cloud platform which Youtube and other well-known Google applications use.

To start using their service, you have to join their cloud platform. Once you have done that, Google will add $300 to your account. You can use this amount to buy those services. 

A Credit card is required to get this offer. Also, the creation of a Google login is necessary to activate this offer.

Google offers a wide range of cloud-based services. You can select the right according to your needs.

Find everything you require to develop and run your websites, apps, and other services.

However, a credit account is needed to prove your identity when you sign up. There is no charge for the trial duration.

You can create a new Google account, or you can make use of your existing Gmail account to log in.

(FAQ) Free VPS Trial No Credit Card.

What is a Virtual Private Server(VPS) ?

Virtual Private Server, popularly known as VPS Hosting, is a less expensive alternative that has dedicated server capabilities up to some extent.

Hence, VPS Hosting is your most suitable choice if you’re in search of dedicated servers at an affordable cost.

The Virtual Private Server (VPS) is one of many virtual machines running on a physical server. When you use a VPS, it is possible to have your own operating system installed. You can install software and programs that aren’t supported or are not permitted to be installed on shared hosting accounts.

Virtual private servers make use of virtualization technology to install many virtual servers within the same physical server. VPS is cheaper than buying dedicated servers because the cost is shared among many users. Yet, you will still have the security of owning your own personal allotment of RAM, storage for data, and at least one CPU.

Most popular web hosts understand that their customers are concerned about the virtual server’s performance and would like to get the VPS Free Trial before buying their services to test capabilities, performance, and uptime.

Generally speaking, VPS hosting companies offer a VPS free trial period for at least 7 days. However, certain providers offer the free VPS Trial for as long as 30 days.

A small Credit Card payment is required to use the majority of Free VPS trials. However, in this post, we’ve listed a few VPS hosts without credit card requirements.

The virtual private server is an excellent hosting option for people who prefer to have more control over their server settings. They offer greater flexibility as well as stability and customization for those who wish to be able to eliminate the unreliability of shared servers.

If you are considering signing up for the virtual private server, it is possible to try the service for an initial free trial to determine the strengths and weaknesses. The process of signing up for the free trial is straightforward. However, you need to be aware of the steps you can take to stop it from automatically renewing into a pay-per-month subscription.

How does a Virtual Private Server (VPS) work ?

Virtual private servers operate by using virtualization software to create several virtual machines that reside on one physical server. Each of those virtual servers has access to its own dedicated resources and cannot access any other server resources. That’s why they’re called private.

There are three major components in VPS hosting.

  1. VPS Node
  2. Hypervisor
  3. Virtual Server.

VPS Node:

This is the actual hardware that runs several virtual servers. It could be a single server on the network of the hosting company. It’s a top-quality server combined with virtualization software, which is configured and installed to host VPSs. 

The term “virtualization” refers to splitting a physical server into several virtual servers, and each is called a VPS.


Hypervisor runs within the VPS node and controls the allocation of resources, such as disk storage and RAM, ensuring each virtual private server can meet user requirements. 

Hypervisors also play the critical role of preventing the virtual server from accessing resources belonging to other servers.

Virtual server: 

Here, each of those virtual servers, which are running on top of the actual physical server, operates exactly like a real dedicated server, using its own operating system and software. The users can download, reboot, or format their virtual server without impacting other virtual servers or the VPS node.

Hosting clients may connect to their server via the cloud, which appears to be accessing an individual server. However, they are accessing their VPS running on a VPS node connected to multiple servers. The hypervisor is responsible for keeping the entire operation running smoothly.

What are the primary features that make up a Top hosting service for VPS ?

VPS is a service offered by many hosting companies. Some of the most important features of a top VPS hosting service include:


When choosing a hosting service, don’t blindly trust the information they give you on their uptime. Check through all reviews provided by the third party and then check for the accuracy of their uptime. This will allow you to determine whether the host is trustworthy and how efficiently the service works in times of downtime.

Backups and Recovery: 

Some of the VPS providers give different levels of backup. You can restore your data from the backup that was most recently made. Other providers can keep multiple backups, allowing the user to roll back to the preferred one.

Operating System: 

The operating system (OS) is crucial when deciding on the best hosting service provider. Users can install their OS by using an ISO image which they transfer to their server. A lot of hosting providers offer the option of OSs in the package. Common choices include a variety of Linux distros as well as the authorized version of Windows 2012 and 2016.

Customer Service: 

Suppose you’re looking for excellent customer support from your hosting provider. In that case, you must go through the testimonials from different businesses to find out what kind of customer service is offered by the particular hosting service. Be sure to verify that the hosting provider responds to your inquiries immediately and has a proactive strategy.


Security is among the most important concerns for any company that relies on vital information. Be sure that your hosting company has proper security guidelines in place to ensure more efficient performance.


A hosting company must handle all resources efficiently to ensure maximum performance. The speed of your site depends on the performance of your hosting platform.


If you’re planning to move from your current provider to the new hosting provider you have chosen, be sure that the team from that new company will handle the transfer details. If they manage the migration, they should tell you what will charge, and the amount of time they will require to complete the transfer.

What We Look For in the Best Free VPS Hosting Services ?

There are various elements that will influence your decision to select the most suitable VPS hosting solution. Here are a few points you should consider when going for a VPS free trial.

  • Simple Cancellation – Many hosts want to offer a free trial to make canceling as complicated as it can be. Hence, you should select the service providers where cancellation is easy if you are not satisfied with their service.
  • Long trial Period:  A trial of a short duration won’t provide enough time to examine the service thoroughly. That’s why the majority of trial offers included in this list have at least 30 days in length.
  • Flexibility: A VPS can be highly customizable, and your requirements may be very individual. The VPS tests included in this list let users test various options and configurations without imposing excessive limits.
  • Strong Support: There should be enough technical details available on the internet from a good hosting provider. This will help the customers to understand their service better.
  • Speedy server setup: Wasting the initial few weeks of your test, awaiting servers to get configured and ready for use isn’t a good time. Hosts that can facilitate a rapid setup of their server will earn additional time for the customers to examine better.

Who Should Go For VPS Hosting Free Trials ?

Startup Companies:   A startup requires to manage a medium-sized website that needs more resources, which are expensive. Thus, always testing before deciding on the best option is very critical.

Not high on Budget:  it’s always better to consider a VPS rather than dedicated hosting if you don’t have enough money to invest in. dedicated servers. The move to dedicated servers is an excellent idea for large websites; however, many decently-sized websites can function with a VPS.

Blog Starter:  Do you have a blog, or would you like to start with a blog? The trial period will assist you in finding the right hosting service to host your site.

Existing Bloggers:  If your host does not meet your requirements, then move out of it and get the opportunity to try a different host.

Security Concern: Another reason to move into a VPS is when you have security concerns. A majority of good web hosts have security measures in place to protect your information when using shared hosting. However, the virtual private server will always be safer.

If you work with sensitive data or operate an online shop and sell products online, it’s simple to justify the additional cost of a VPS over affordable shared hosting.

Want to Explore:   Never stop exploring. You will discover a better solution that is superior to the current one. This is the same for web hosting too.

Planning for an Upgrade: When things get bigger. The number of traffic increases. This demands greater power as well as resources. Suppose your hosting service is not flexible and scalable. It would be best to look into web hosting that has plenty of resources and is more secure.

Advantages of VPS Hosting Free Trial ?

There are many reasons you should test the VPS Hosting before buying it. VPS Hosting Free Trial has key benefits as outlined in the following paragraphs:

  1. Before purchasing their services, it is essential to determine how reliable the VPS service provider is.
  2. You’ll get an idea of all the services offered by the hosting company.
  3. You can determine whether the solution is appropriate for you.
  4. It is important to check your website or program on an active server to check whether it’s functioning correctly before delivering it to your client.
  5. When you’re a blogger or technology writer, you can write reviews based on your experiences regarding the trial.
  6. You will use the trial service to learn more about the web hosting business if you’re a business expert.
  7. You’ll save money on your purchase since the server you get from the hosting provider will be free before the trial period has ended.
  8. You can try testing server uptime (if the service provider is willing to offer you the opportunity to trial VPS over an extended period, e.g., one month).
  9. You can save money if you’re receiving a server for a month at no cost 🙂

Difference between General VPS Hosting and Cloud VPS Hosting?

The primary difference between these two server environments is the scale. General VPS Hosting is an ideal starting point if you’re trying to launch in the shortest time possible and don’t want to worry about scale. However, if you need flexibility in your hosting setup as well as high levels of storage and performance, you should consider cloud VPS hosting environments.

General VPS hosting isn’t an entire server. It’s just one slot in the middle of the server. The dedicated slot is managed through a virtualization mechanism. It is like a private space, with no interference.

This is why General VPS Hosting has more security and allows users to utilize every resource allocated.

However, it struggles to cope with the massive load on your site. If there is huge traffics on your blog site, there is a possibility that the site will slow down.

When you use cloud VPS hosting, you have access to an almost infinite amount servers resources. Cloud hosting could be the best solution if you have websites with fluctuating traffic levels or rapidly scaling. Cloud hosting gives you incredible server capacity and flexibility in everything from resource usage to pricing.

With cloud VPS hosting, hosting resources for every website are replicated across many servers within the cluster. If one server in the cluster is experiencing a high load, it automatically transfers the load of the particular website to the server that is idle in the cluster.

This is the primary quality of service that distinguishes cloud VPS as top-of-the-line hosting. Furthermore, you don’t have to pay semi-annually or annually as with traditional VPS. Pay for what you use. You don’t need a large budget. You can begin with just a few dollars.

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